<p>Axis West Campus, Austin, TX</p>

Axis West Campus, Austin, TX


The Preiss Company has raised over 500 million in debt and equity for student housing projects. We have raised capital from a number of banks and private equity firms to execute our deals. Examples include:

  • Full recourse construction loans
  • Non-recourse acquisition loans
  • Recourse and Non-recourse acquisition loans
  • Recourse and non-recourse bridge loans
  • A number of private equity sources
  • A number of High net worth individuals

With all these sources of capital TPCO is able to create a number of ways to do the capital stack. This creates higher returns and better yields. On average the TPCO has been able to obtain IRRs over 20. YOC over an eight and double digit cash on cash returns. TPCO has won many awards for financing including UV Coast in 2010 which yielded all the capital back plus 20% to its investor within 6 months.