TPCO is committed to "Management by Measurement". We are firm believers that if it cannot be measured, it cannot be managed. Since measurement is central to our management philosophy, we measure the financial success of our projects using an array of metrics. Traditional metrics such as Net Operating Income, Return on Equity, and Return on Investment are looked at on a monthly, if not weekly, basis. However, in addition to these metrics, we also measure our revenue and expenses on a "per bed" and "per occupied bed" basis. By breaking down the various line items of the income statement by the bed, we are able to compare revenue and expenses across the assets within our portfolio and against industry data we have been able to obtain. By using these metrics, we are able to set portfolio standards for the different expense categories. In addition to management of the Income Statement, we are committed to managing the Balance Sheet and Cash Flows. Producing strong and consistent cash flows is our primary goal and we achieve this through the combination of intense measurement of the Income Statement and preservation of cash through the management of working capital and capital expenditures.