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111 South, Statesboro GA


Acquisition & Development Services

TPCO has an experienced staff in both Ground up development and existing acquisitions. Our acquisition team includes Due Diligence expertise and construction management. We have enough bandwidth to cover TPCO's aggressive growth, plus 3rd party "consulting services". TPCO has never delivered a project late or had to give a property back to the bank. We have an active pipeline of 3rd party development and TPCO has sponsored development in multiple states. Below are some examples of projects that TPCO has put together:

  • Existing Acquisitions of various property types including garden and high dense
  • Capital Expenditures on existing property types
  • High dense and garden development
  • Due Diligence both for TPCO and third party
  • Development consulting on Garden and High dense development
  • Ground up construction on Garden and High dense properties

TPCO is involved with the development process from A to Z. TPCO not only provides expertise in the development process but also helps underwrite and assist with financing feasibility. We have approximately 22,000 beds in our portfolio and the data from these properties help to create operating budgets and NOI calculations.

Development Services

  • We initially help the owner analyze the potential deal by a in depth market study
  • Using our deep knowledge of development we assist in creating a operating budget
  • Build a model using our numbers and provide to the owner to see if the project is feasible or not


  • Work hand in hand with the architects to create an optimal design for the market
  • Use the vast network of property managers and regional in our portfolio to create the perfect design and amenity package. The managers and regionals report almost daily what design amenity packages are most popular.

Ground Up

TPCO is involved in the oversight from start to finish on the construction including the coordination and oversight of:

  1. Hiring of GC and analyzing bids
  2. Obtaining building permits from the city
  3. Value engineering
  4. Code compliance
  5. Construction schedule
  6. Finishes
  7. Construction draws
  8. Handling change orders
  9. Budget variances and controlling contingencies
  10. CM of the GC to ensure schedule is on time, on budget with sufficient contingency, and GC and marketing are working together productively